The Ruffled Crow

Animation, Art, and Other Shiny Things


Poked and prodded today; both in my psyche and here. You’ll note that while I didn’t paint the place, I did move the furniture a bit. A new address may be in order as well, but the one I truly want is taken and I just can’t think of a suitable replacement.

Somehow, in the throes of idea-festering I even made a list of potential posts. Fortunately, I had the good sense to create a list of things I should not post about as well. Not sure I’ll be able to stay completely away from the sticky thickets of some topics but this will not be an opinion blog or exist to argue a POV. That wanders well away from the point.

In any event, in the coming weeks I’m hoping to update on some of the past subjects already posted (it has been over 2 years after all), and do some pondering on EQ and VGAP, our artwork, the cat, the new Mexican restaurant next door, a new program I’m using, cross-posting  and expanding a couple posts I wrote on music for the Library’s blog, you get the idea. Bloody everything…

We’ll see how it works out, this love-hate relationship between me and the pen. Hopefully the crafting will become slightly less painful and the output slightly more pleasing over time. We’ll see…

Of everything though, I am sure that this place needed a frog on a pogo stick today.

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