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The Chromatic Noir of Paul Kuczynski

I came across the work of Polish graphic artist Paul Kuczynski several weeks ago and keep going back to look at many of the pictures again; sometimes finding a subtlety of brush or idea I missed before, or perhaps I’d finally cogitated on it enough to see some nuance.

Or perhaps I simply read more into the work than was really there. Truth be told, I’m not sure that’s really possible when it comes to art, and especially when looking at Mr Kuczynski’s well-rendered satire.

Artful commentary is generally leveled on newspaper opinion pages and is wielded much more bluntly than Mr Kuczynski’s subtle, velvet-lined bludgeon. Geopolitical hypocrisies interspersed and interwoven with our own everyday deceits.

What makes his pieces stand out to me, though, is the art itself; the texture and style somewhat reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks with color gradients to give it that chromatic noir feeling.

Without regard to the subject the art itself is good. You can check out more Paul Kuczynki’s work here.

h/t to Nag on the Lake (a most excellent blog. go visit. yes, now is fine, i’ll wait)

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