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On Holiday For a Bit

I’m afraid posts will be a bit spotty for a while as myself and Mrs Crow will be on holiday in the UK over the next month.

steven fry

Stephen Fry with a Corgi. Is there anything more British than this?

We’ll be visiting my son, who is working in Birmingham, and have a real whirlwind of a schedule while we’re there. I’m hoping to find time between sightseeing and adjusting to a  horrendous time difference (+8 between Seattle and Birmingham) to post some pictures and commentary of our travels on either here or on my sister-blog And the Horse You Rode In On. (I’ll create a widget box in the right column to link here if I do that)

Worst case, however, is that regular posting should resume around the end of July or the beginning of August. If you need to keep yourself amused, the cat in the right column will take you to a random post, and the menus along the top can lead you to some fun collections to wile away the time.


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