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Changes are Coming

This weekend you will begins seeing a few subtle changes to this small, darkish corner of the intertubes. Not much of a change, really, just my nickname, the name of the blog, and a direct URL (woot! finally) A few graphics will change too, but nothing jarring, I promise.

Ne’er to worry, the content of the blog won’t be changing at all. (should i be apologizing for that?)

This is actually a long time coming; someone else is using my ‘nym and has the domain locked up, and the blog’s name “But I digress…” is being used by everyone and their goldfish. So in order to be somewhat unique (as unique as one can be on the web) I finally settled on a new blog title and ‘nym and picked up a dedicated domain name to go with it. Hopefully I won’t break anything in the transition.

So, keep an eye out over the weekend. The changes won’t be big and shouldn’t effect browsing the site (for either of you) and previous links to it should be fine.

sacredcalf (for now)

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