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Little Panels of Macabre – John Kenn

John Kenn is a Danish kid’s TV writer/director when he’s not parenting his own set of twins. In whatever spaces of time that are occasionally and accidentally left over he is also an artist of little panels of Gorey-esque macabre.

I can just hear my Mom saying "See? They're more scared of you than you are of them"

My favorite:

I wish this were me under the bridge. Unfortunately, many of life's monsters still end up finding me...

One of his latest:

This is certainly from the realm of fantasy - every parent knows that the monster is *inside* the pram

If the art itself isn’t cool enough for the heathens among you then I should probably mention that his canvas’ are Post-It Notes. Yep, office supplies…

Mr Kenn shares about a handful of drawings per month and his website has sketches going back almost three years. Make sure you have a good hour or more when you visit for the first time, you’ll want to get through the whole gallery…

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