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Another aBowman Digression

A Mid-week aBowman Digression

And Yet Another Frog…

aBowman (Adam Bowman) has been putting together little widgets for webpages and such for years. Simple and clean, his slick little gadgets make time wastage an art form.

It follows the cursor. Left click lets loose a fly.

I check in at the website every once in a while to goose some gadgets and widge some widgets but hadn’t recently. Then I came across a fish widget in the android store – Groovy Fish. (both free and paid versions are available)

So that got me to stop by the site and muck about a bit and bring you, the barely-esteemed reader (I am warming up to you a tad, though), a few of Mr Bowman’s finer creations. (according to me, so take it fwiw. and considering Aunt Bee has stuffed the abode with frogs of every shape and size – a forty-year collection – the Tree Frog had to be first. hence this post’s title. but I digress…)

I’ll post a widget every once in a while, and there are plenty to chose from, or you can pop on over to if you have a few extra hours to burn.

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