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In Praise of the Car Seat Warmer

This is my second winter having a car seat warmer and I’m quite enjoying it. Many a frigid morning has been improved by the toasting of my skinny ass as I roll in to work.

"I loves dis new buts warmer dey instaled."

Everyone enjoys a hot ass, regardless of species - or entendre...

Robert Ballard at GM invented the electric car seat warmer in 1951 and got a patent for it in 1955. (Patent no. 2,698,893 to be precise) I’d venture that it’s one of the most un-repaired items on a vehicle, second only to recharging the AC. (The Seville was the only car I’ve ever owned whose AC worked. It smelled funny, however, so I’m not sure that counts as “working”)

The seat heaters on the Eldo are particularly hot, even on low, but a side benefit would be the use as a bun warmer – in the non-euphemistic sense, that is.

Drop the bagged bagel on the passenger seat, flip the switch to high, and it’s soft and warm by the time you pull into work. The cream cheese easily spreadable too. Those fresh-baked Krispie Kremes will still be exuding the odoriferous equivalent of a siren song when you get them to your desk. Pot luck? Offer to bring the rolls; A bag of heat-n-serve on the seat and you’re set on arrival. Need a road-trip snack? Slap a piece of Velveeta between a couple pieces of toast and in 10 miles you have a melted cheese sandwich!

Let’s call it “Warm-on-the-Way” Technology ™. Wrap everything up in a small blanket or heavy towel to collect and retain the heat (and keep any leaks off the leather) and you are Good to Go.

Early research into "Warm-on-the-Way" (tm) technology

If this catches on expect a cookbook.

Just imagine the day; you’re on the road to the coast with the family and the wife leans forward from the back seat and says, “Do I smell cookies?”

If Life Begins at 50, Then What Have I Been Doing?

I can’t quite say I’ve been waiting my whole life for this birthday, nor can I admit to dreading it too awfully – it just kind of happened and here we are.

It’s a wonderfully roundish number, a theoretical mid-point sort of place where the past stretches back farther than the aging eye can quite see and the future remains of uncertain enough length to lend a mushy credence to the title ‘middle-aged’.

Pushing 50

I expect to start getting hails and howdys from AARP very soon if not on this very day. They already know who I am – Aunt Bee became a member of proper standing 5 years ago – but now it’s officially my turn. I now qualify for a special rate on my car insurance and may even get discounts from some of my favorite (selected) merchants. Admittedly that does take a bit of the sting out of membership in an Association of Retired Persons about 15 years before I’ll even be able to afford retiring myself.

Elsewise, I’ve been going gray since my early 20’s, always had a fondness for older women, and like to drive Cadillacs, so I pretty much fit in already.

What concerns me more than anything is that I’m transitioning to a new demographic.

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