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Ongoing Dentistry

Smile!I like to plan things out. Gather information, decide on a plan, and execute it. Buying my last 2 cars took about a month each, the tv two months. Took  3 months or so to plan summer camp.

Dentistry wasn’t much different – a month of sifting through online stuffs before settling on Doctor T. The execution, however, has been another thing entirely.

Alotta years ignoring, and incidentally (pun not intended) deadening, the pain made for a scene of devastation. In workman like fashion, Doc T has dived in done what he can for the bottom bunch. Fillings, root canals, and an extraction later, I hope he’s done with the bottom at least…

Next Monday, a mere 2 days away, he promises to begin on the uppers with a vengeance by pulling two of them. One per side. I assume that this will be to immediately scare the rest into submission. I would have thought they were already, having watched the bottom in progress, but he’s the Doctor. Read more of this post

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