The Ruffled Crow

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On this Christmas eve I’d like to re-post one of the most powerful animations I’ve ever seen. We adopt our cats from the local shelters and generally look for the older, harder to adopt cats. While the last times of any pet can be difficult for a family, we hope that we enriched their last years as much as they added to ours. Please give a pet from your local shelter or pound a gift this holiday season and adopt. You and they will be rewarded every day.

The Ruffled Crow

This is an incredible little piece of animation. Akin to bringing a minimalist painting into three-dimensional reality, Omer Ben David uses shading, few lines, and movement to suggest forms and describe the world.

The film sets the story of an old house cat who bids farewell to his home, his owner and the world he used to know. via

I have lived with several geriatric cats in my time and Mr Ben David does an excellent job on the cat’s movements. The cat getting up onto the back of the sofa gave me a twinge, and by the time the film was over I was missing every old cat I’d ever had.

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