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How It’s Made (to Curl)

Yes, I’ve been remiss on posts lately – it’s been two weeks since the last. And it’s not for lack of trying; I’ve been working on three different drafts and two other missives this afternoon alone. (if you’re wondering, the draft folder is in double digits)

Pretty much everything is getting a bad case of Needsanotherdamnpage. It’s more likely a problem with the keyboard, but there is an outside chance it is (gasp!) me that is experiencing difficulty reining in my digressive tendencies causing the issue.

So to assuage my building guilt I offer up a bit of fun from one of my favorite shows How It’s Made. This video is how curling stones are made.

Not too far from me is a curling rink by the name of “Granite Curling“. As a kid, whenever we’d pass by in the car I’d wonder how they could curl granite. It being a rock and me being a rather curious cat I simply could not figure out how they could curl a substance with no flexible properties. I finally asked, and eventually got to watch the game played, and realized I was asking the wrong question, which should have been; Why are they sweeping the ice like that?

Cheryl Bernard

Cheryl Bernard - Curling Vixen. (yeah, I'd spend an afternoon at an ice rink to watch her curl...)

I’ve been a fan ever since and (somehow) became an even bigger fan during the 2010 Olympics, and specifically of the Canadian Women’s team and one Cheryl Bernard.

Now, before I ramble off on a digression on the delectability of Ms Bernard (who is married, by the way) let me re-direct both our attentions back to the subject of the How It’s Made show.

There’s a good number of How It’s Made videos on YouTube – enough to tank an entire afternoon easily and it would be well worth it.

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