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Meet Izzy

We just brought Izzy home a few minutes ago.She’s about 4 years old and was on her 3rd time through the shelter; first as a stray, second as a ‘surrender’ and thirdly due to the owner having allergy issues. She has a nicked ear, so she’s seen some action at some point.

Nonetheless, she is now an indoor kitty, nobody’s allergic, and we won’t be giving her up – ever.

Already she’s investigated the house, is gravitating toward the most pets and scratches she can get, and shows no need to hide whatsoever. Very cool.

We adopted her from the Seattle Animal Shelter. There are still plenty of cats and dogs and critters there that need good homes so please stop by. If you can’t give an animal a home please donate to your favorite (preferably local) animal rescue/shelter and remember;

Bob Barker says "Spay and Neuter Your Pets!"

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