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Paint – The Animation School

Is this what creativity looked like in Jackson Pollock‘s brain?

From The Animation School in South Africa, story and animation by Luke Berge.


Sputnik – Maxim Zhestkov

A simple allegorical tale of a culture’s progression through searching for more light.

The animation and movement is very well done. From Maxim Zhestkov via The CGBros.

The Looking Planet

Song of the Knight – Steven Ray

You’re a valiant knight running about the countryside saving maidens and slaying dragons. Such valor earns you a magic, singing sword. So what if that singing sword won’t shut up? What if that damn sword has horrible taste in music? Does this end badly for you, or the sword?

By Steven Ray at the Ringling College of Art + Design via The CGBros.

Gea – Primer Frame

A beautifully rendered animation that could be a morality tale on several topics. Worth an extra watch or two just for that, but the lushness of detail really make it worthwhile.

Gea has been living taking refuge in her magnum opus in an undisturbed dimension for millions of years.Her energy is scarce but his work is the meaning of her existence, with the help of her ancient machines she works quietly in her creation; time means nothing in this place until a ravenous technological being makes his appearance to take it all … then the irreversible destruction of his work and even his own being begins taking place. via The CGBros

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