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Star Wars Samurai – Classic Ukiyo-e

In a re-imagining akin to the Chris Felker art I posted a couple weeks ago, New York graphic artist Steve Bialik created a series of Ukiyo-e-style (浮世絵 “pictures of the floating world”) prints of Star Wars characters. You can find more of Mr Bialik’s work at his blog STEVAPALOOZA! More of this series under the […]

Star Wars Samurai – RetroFuture

Clinton Felker over at The Hand that Feeds has re-imagined Star Wars characters in a retro/futuristic feudal Japanese style to excellent effect. Mr Felker continues to create new art in this series (as of this writing) and sells larger prints at his website.

Star Wars Watercolors – Terry Cook

Unlike the re-imaginings of Star Wars characters in old world Japan that I’ve posted, Terry Cook went the fine art route and painted them in watercolor. And I do mean ‘fine art’ as the artist has rendered these portraits skillfully enough to rate display on the best wall of any home or gallery. You can […]