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Lost in Time – Celldweller

Three words: Robot. Laser. Dinosaurs. That alone makes this a most excellent video – add a track from my favorite Celldweller album End of an Empire and you’ve got the ultimate Saturday Night Occasional Music Video. Animation by Animattronic.

Down to Earth – Celldweller

An excellent entry in the unscheduled weekend music video, uh, list of music videos that weren’t scheduled but everybody knows I’ll post one anyways list. Yeah, that list. Celldweller is one of those artists that dominates my entire playlist for days at a time. I’ve only got four of Klayton‘s albums but the album this […]

Switchback – Celldweller

Yes, I realize this isn’t animated. One look at the vocalist’s hair, however, (and for being a kick butt track) I gave it a pass. If you don’t like it then go here.