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Ok, I might as well admit it; I’m just not going to keep up with my self-imposed, casual-like, unofficial, post schedule over the holiday season (which, in the case of our abode, is christmas). I have several posts in the queue that have the needsanotherdamnpage problem (two in particular need several damn pages) and the season is throwing me all outta whack on getting them worked on.

So…  It’s going catch-as-catch-can, probably until after the first of the year. (don’t all yawn at once, now) There’s also the likelihood of unusual items showing up. Don’t be alarmed, things will return to normal. (maybe)

And since this is one of those left field planted posts it’s probably a good place to mention one of the pitfalls of the season…

Regular readers know I’m a big proponent of local animal shelters and rescues. Well, every year within a few months after the holidays local shelters fill to overflowing because little Johnny or Mary wanted a puppy or kitty or guinea pig and didn’t know the time and care a pet needs. (parents needs to be prepared too)

So this year, if your family wants to add a member; educate yourself about the pet’s needs, and take everyone to the shelter to spend some time deciding which animal becomes your newest flat mate. An animal is not a box-able present nor a toy!

Ok, I feel better now.


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