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‪Joe Bonamassa, Bluesman

Haven’t felt all that well this week and perhaps that has been inhibiting my digressioning as of late. If not, it makes a pretty handy excuse and one that I believe I’ll stick with for the moment.

Rest assured that there is a couple pretty decent ideas sitting in the draft queue, but they’re the needs-another-page types that tend to get big and there’s little I can do about it. They drive me nuts, and I can only imagine what it must mean for you, the barely esteemed reader, as you get to read what passes as the culmination of the struggle I have between the curtness of generalized brevity and a pedantic digression into the weeds.

Anyways, to tide you over I offer a trio of Joe Bonamassa videos.

I came across this gentleman a few years back and have steadily accumulated a near complete discography. This is some of the best dirty blues I’ve heard since Stevie Ray Vaughan. Technically jaw-dropping and vocally wrenching, he makes you feel the blues.

He’s coming to Seattle in December, but tickets are rather pricey as, it turns out, I’m not the only one to be a big fan of this guy. Who knew?


[Edit: it appears that this is the 100th post. woo hoo!]

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