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The Henhouse – Elena Pomares

Sonar – Renaud Hallee


The Unicorn in the Garden – James Thurber

This is the 1953 animation from UPA (who also did The Tell Tale Heart and Rooty Toot Toot) and shouldn’t be confused with the 1969 DePatie-Freleng version animated for the Thurber story-based tv show My World and Welcome to It.

In 1951 animation studio United Productions of America (UPA) announced a forthcoming feature to be faithfully compiled from Thurber’s work, titled Men, Women and Dogs. However, the only part of the ambitious production that was eventually released was the UPA cartoon The Unicorn in the Garden (1953) via

You can read the short story this is based on here.

The Maker – Christopher Kezelos

Sketchy Duel – Bird Box Studio

The Musical Box – Luca Frattini

Romance – Ore Peleg

This sweet little film looks past the lust and ardor that is supposed to be love and into a little world of true devotion.

Last April Aunt Bee and I celebrated our 20th anniversary and I hope that when we get to whatever place these two folks are at that there will be this much romance in our lives.

By Ore Peleg

Receiver – Wagon Christ

This music video is just plain fun. The animation has an echo of the 70’s pop-art animation walking the line of psychedelia (ala yellow submarine or sally cruikshank) and is driven along by a peppy techno track. You can’t help but root for the protagonist, and the ending is perfect.

This one’s going on the ‘shiny things’ list.

Animation by Ninja Tune.

Make Me Psychic – Sally Cruikshank


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